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Brand Konsultants

Brand konsultants (BK) established itself as a consultant by assisting customers in franchising brands around the country. BK not only offers franchise consultation, but also assists with space planning, brand creation, and business consulting.

We have highly competent and experienced consultants in our team because businesses need to modify their approach in this new era. BK significantly assists its clients and offers them the greatest ideas and chances for starting or growing their business.

BK strives to make a unique difference that cannot be imitated. BK is the name our clients trust because it offers a one-stop shop for all of their needs.

BK arranges a few sessions with prospective clients to learn more about their needs and to provide them with a wealth of ideas for expanding their business.

BK, as a consulting firm, never wants to inconvenience its clients, hence it never gives them misleading information. We are pleased to share the stories of success of those investors who benefited from BK's marketing strategy, such as Kayseria, Jockey, Engine, Stylo, and many others.



SOPs for franchising brand including financial and operational framework.


Advertise your brand to attract investors for brand franchising.


Coordinate with investors and franchise owner for joint ventures.


Bk's Online web portal for sale and promotions.